stripping a Redant 5" PSone LCD


2004-06-13 1:35 pm
might be helpful to those planning to strip a Redant 5" PSone LCD.

the LCD came from Toshiba with model number TFD50W32-B
here is the back of the LCD with cover removed.


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    psone with cover removed.jpg
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nick[x1] said:
Nice one!

I was going to post mine but didnt get chance, looks like you beat me to it

:) are you also using the same LCD? this LCD has only RGB input and i had to do the VGA hack to play DVD/VCD via a PC.

my problem now is the setting of the display. i can only see the upper part of the screen (about 70%). any settings you can recommend?

this is the H-sync/Vsync mix to VGA adapter i made for the LCD


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    vga adapter.jpg
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MadSkillzMan said:
im thinking about getting one of these myself. Whats the resoloution on this thing? and is it in any way possible to use Svideo/RCA as an input?

EDIT: do you guys get any kind of screen door effect? Im making one that will be primarily DVDs, TV, and gaming

If you are looking for 5" LCD with RCA(composite)
video then i would go for the Sony branded PSone LCD screen. I'm stuck with the Redant as it came together with the PSone player i bought for my son. The Redant LCD has no composite video input hence you can only make do with the RGB and convert it to VGA interlaced or as indicated in the computer 640 X 480 i.

as i read from this and other forums, as long as you limit the screen size to around 60" or even lower ( others can correct me on this ) then screen door effect would not be that obvious.
MadSkillzMan said:
Is there a guide on stripping a Sony brand PSOne LCD? also, i hear that red is a problem with that screen. has a thread for PSone LCD and Sony brand was mostly discussed from stripping to vga hacking. for red problem issue, there is a german DIY forum that tweaks the color, brightness, and contrast . sorry, i forgot the exact site, just google diybeamer :)

the link
for Sony brand LCD, aside from the PS 12pin port, there is an AV mini-phone jack where you can connect the composite video. you need a cable that has a mini-phone jack and the other end are three RCA jacks ( red, white or black, and yellow ).
this is the quickest way to get video from this LCD but resolution with be lower.
yes, that kind of cable.

the max resolution is 640X480 interlaced. i'm not familiar with resolutions but this is what they mentioned on the bit-net forum.well, i guess it is somewhat complicated for you if you go the PC route.
i have not seen the actual result of the PS LCD via composite video but this would give you the most flexible connectivity.