Streamer & Amp - thoughts & ideas please!


2020-02-17 1:14 pm
Hi all,

I'm new to all of this audio malarkey, so I hope it's ok to dive right in with some basic questions?

I'm getting a pair of Wharfedale Dentons (Vintage version ie. from about 1970s), and I would like to have a small streaming set-up.

What do I want to do?
> I need an amp to power my speakers
> I would like to be able to stream Internet radio
> I have an Odroid N2 which is running mpd & minidlna with a 1Tb HDD attached, so I would like to be able to connect to that, to stream my ripped-CDs.

After browsing the forums, then I think I need something along the lines of the following:
1) A transport of some description, such as the Allo DigiOne Signature
2) An amp such as the Allo Volt + D Amp
3) I read on a different post that someone suggested using a USBridge Sig, but I have no idea really what that's for, tbh. Do I need one?

Here's my questions:
1) Do I need a DAC at all?

2) Do i need to have a USBridge Sig?

3) Will the 2 Allo devices be ok with my vintage Dentons i.e. will they power the speakers (I think that they're 4 Ohm(?), and are the Allo too good for my speakers, please?

4) I don't need to have the Allos but they seem to be good, so feel free to recommend any other boards that might be a good substitute!

5) I would like to run volumio - if so, do I need to install it on all of the boards?

6) Do I connect my amp & the transport using RCA cables?

7) Can I attach a small screen, nothing fancy just so I can see the artist & track that's playing

Many thanks in advance for any help, and advice that you can give me! :)