'straight' karlsonator?

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how much of karlsonator benefit is lost if i angle the driver straight much like how it was proposed here?


my design would use a single 8" toward the top, aided by a super tweet or a cd.

my thinking is that if i go with the original karlsonator design and put a cd on top, the distance between the two drivers would be too great and the sound wont 'gel'. if i flip that box over the woofer is still firing downward which would not make it 'gel' as much as front firing woofer.
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I developed my own Akabak script and can run the sim for you. Standard Eminence Beta8? There are several variants (date) so if you want best accuracy post specs or TS params. Usually this is done over in the Karlsonator or mini Karlsonator thread.

From what I recall, Beta 8 is rather powerful motor low Qts. Karlsonator like moderate Qts if you want deep bass extension. Otherwise I can recommend XKi for the Beta 8.

Btw, the Beta8 is probably close to Beta 8cx which looks something like this (ignore stuff above 400Hz):

Tips on how to model a Karlson or Karlsonator yourself can be found here:
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FWIW you might want to take a look at this proposed design from a few years back. It is vaguely similar to what you propose. I never built a physical test model.

At any rate this one is more suited for a mid to highish Q type driver. I don't recall what I used to kluge it with but it was probably something like one of the diatone clones. I think for a Beta 8 I'd be more inclined to go with a sort of taller stretch version of the xKi. But it might be ok in this.


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