STK 4392 Problem

I made one amp with TDA 2030A with subout for PC. It worked well but it was very hot. Then i replaced the two TDA 2030a with STk 4392 with same tone control circuit. But now i don't get any low frequency from my speakers. I am getting the sound as if i am listening to only tweeter sound. I checked by replacing IC, giving direct input to IC STK 4392 but still the same sound. I am herewith attaching the circuit. If anybody has tried circuits of STK 4392 then please let me know. Hoping of sugggestions in the matter.


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Problem solved. First we checked the amp made with TDA 2030a. After that we checked amp with STK4392. Here the sound was coming from tweeters. Hence first we doubted on the amp circuit. But after careful checking the woofers from the two way speaker system were blown. I am not able to understand how the speakers were blown away? There is no dc output at the speaker terminal. Any comments?
Mahendra Palesha