Crossover as the guy that did it has moved. Hi hope anyone can help i have a large pair of fs 100 giant speakers they have been upgraded with better crossover componants internal speaker cable sound proofing with wool the original.

Treble has been changed to morel supreme the bass two 8in drivers per speaker to volt. I’m very happy with the treble and bass, the mids need to changed as not of the quality as treble and bass.

I have no idea of the crossover as the guy that did it has moved away so I’m stuck for which mids to buy to complete this project. The rrr paper work says freq range from 30 to 25000 characteristic sensitivity 100 to 8000hz speaker sensitivity 91db. There are two 6.5in mids each speaker iv so what drivers would anyone recommend that would work thank u Steve
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2003-08-03 11:43 am
:cop: Steve. I converted your post from ALL CAPS to lower case. I also added some line breaks and punctuation.

It is against the forum rules to post in all caps. As it was your post was virtually unreadable. Please use lower case and some punctuation when posting as it makes things much easier to read :)