stetsom 7KD


2005-06-20 7:18 pm
This amp had blown outputs.
Upon splitting the two boards and focusing on "the master", after replacing 4011s and 2110s i installed the new 90N20 and disabled both 2110s in order to monitor the waveforms.
I get a very nice 100KHz square at the inputs of both 4011s and at their outputs. Current draw is 1.5A.
Upon enabling the 2110s blue led ON, but the amp draws around 14A and over-heats all output fets instantly. However, i am able to set DC offset and for a strange reason the amp produces output (without a load).
I have been back and forth the entire amp, even replaced U4 on the feedback.
I believe there is something wrong with the dead time of the step output.
Any ideas?


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