Stereophile May 2021 edition

Stereophile Vol 45 No 4 May 2021
Vol.45 No.4 Stereophile May 2021 - Stereophile / AVTech Media Americas
Gramophone Dreams #48: The Venus Tube, Western Electric's 300B |

ELEKIT TU-8600S Available in July 2020


WE300B -2113
World Premiere - Western Electric WE300B/2021 Lot REPORT #1


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Stereophile recommended components..

It is a great honor to have 2 X TU-8600 reviews within 24 months from Stereophile
(There appears to not have been any DIY kits in history of Stereophile reviews to have this honor)
I thank Mr Fujita, Herb, Mr Lundahl and a lot of DIY friends for supporting me along this DIY journey.

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"To me, ancient, directly heated power triodes like the 300B are the Venus figures of audio history." - Herb Reichert Apr 27, 2021

Does this mean that the TU-8600 S is not tube rectified but the tubes are DC from the Lundahl transformer?

I saw in a Build video that both the Power Transformer and the Output Transformer were both Lundahl, until I saw that I thought is was just a single Lundahl in the upgrade. WOW

Stereophile Dec 2021 Edition

ELEKIT TU-8600S with Mola Mola Tambaqui

On a morning-coffee whim, I connected the Tambaqui directly to the Elekit TU-8600S 300B amplifier, controlling the volume with the DAC's volume control.
Now, it was the Elekit driving the "Gold Badge" speakers. When the music started, I cried and laughed at the same time. On Areni Agbabian's first ECM recording, Bloom (24/96 FLAC ECM/Qobuz), ....
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Congratulations Victor. Sounds like Herbs writing?
It is Herb's article from Dec 2021 of stereophile on reviewing Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC. Herb was hooking up (Bryston B135, Elekit TU-8600S, Parasound A21+) to Mola Mola connected to Falcon"Gold Badge" LS3/5a speakers. Herb reviewed and noted what he heard from each connected device. In the end...."Mola Mola - Parasound A21+ combo made recordings sound bold, solid, and blue-sky clear but never cold and hard. And Yes....Herb does own Elekit TU-8600S as in past equipment reviews.