Stereo with 2 woofers and 1 tweeter

Hey everybody,

This is my first post (hopefully of many)!
I am curious how one designs a system with 2 woofers in stereo with a single tweeter?

I see these sometimes for sale on sites like Etsy and I can't figure out how one would do that with a 2 channel amplifier? Perhaps it is bi-amped, 2+1? Or is there a cute x-over trick I am unaware of?

For example:



2013-05-10 4:11 pm
You can design anything, crap or not. Less crappy is usually a single woofer with 2 tweeters or "full-range" speakers. The idea there is similar to using satellites, with a subwoofer.

The trick is the same in either way. The better way is that you sum the bass after the low pass filter coils. I imagine that the Etsy items you see to the opposite, and sum the tweeter after the capacitors. But the design is already such crap that goodness only knows if they are even bothering.