Stereo RMS and Speaker RMS question

Hi I'm upgrading me Vans very poor 3" speakers to a pair of
Alpine SPR-60 300W New R Series Coaxial Speakers.

  • 300 watts Peak power output
  • 100 watts RMS Nominal input power
  • Ultra high density neodymium magnet
  • Linear Drive technology
  • Large aluminium voice coil
Atm I have a Sony MEX-BT3800U according to the manual its 52 watts per channel x 4 or 17 watts RMS peak
I have a set of 3” Coaxial R series in and tried them in the exiting dash holes , omg.. poor poor absolutely no base, hence why I’ve bought the 6.5’s and jury rigging them with adaptors into the doors.
Now it look on paper that the Sony will struggle with the 6.5’s I might be wrong. Or at least they won’t perform to their best I suppose. I do like the Sonys functions though the BT Phone works without any problem, I have a stalk adaptor already on it and it streams flacs via USB from my A17 High-Resolution Walkman. Although atm, the sound is poop. And I know it inside out so no annoying demo mode of blinding night panel. And I even manged to keep hold of the changer. The radio sucks but I think that’s the aerial, I’m having to buy a adaptor because the stereo was to deep and I think when it moves around because it’s not totally secure the aerial comes loose.
But what I want to know in your opinion, would it be better to get say the Alpine Stereo with the 200 watt built in amp or say a separate amp 100 - 150 watt 2 channel or maybe a 3 channel, so I can add a sub later? I don’t think there’s any point wiring up the 3” ‘s is there ?


The short answer is the 6.5's should be significantly more
efficient than the 3's they are replacing, if they sound poor
then your installation is all wrong, and amps won't fix it.

rgds, sreten.

I haven't fitted the 6.5" yet so i don't know how they will sound I'm just not sure with the Sony head unit I'll be able to drive the Alpines to get the most out of them.
The head unit will have limited power. You should understand that the head unit can be driven into clipping WELL before the maximum volume control position. If you require high volume and try to judge the quality of the speakers while the head unit is clipping, the poor quality may be the fault of the clipped output and not the speakers.

That's sound advice Perry thanks, I'm leaning towards an amp something like the Pioneer GM-D8604 I'm not interested in high volume just making sure the speakers have the power to perform well. Plus I might like to toy with a sub later and that amp gives me possibility's.