Steg K2.02 Supply MOSFET Substitute

One good one of the entire main board and photos of any driver boards would be welcome. I have the service manual so I don't need much more. My email if you don't have it:
[email protected]

I don't know if you have been taking photos of all of the amps you repair, but you should. They make a great reference.

Regarding the tutorial, hopefully, you're trying to read through all of it. Too many read only the class D pages and ignore much of the rest, fail to follow links and read few of the .txt and .htm files in the miscellaneousstuff folder.

What browser are you using with it?


2022-03-25 8:41 pm
I`ll send it to you.

It`s the first real Car Amp i try to repair.
I know you wrote, start with cheap one`s but this one is lying around some time now and i wanted it to be fixed

I read the Tutorial from beginning to end(not finished yet).

I use the Safari 5.*** Browser you shipped with it.
Works great.

Is there maybe a way now to use a new Browser, which isn`t mentioned in the tutorial yet?
I have performed this very repair. IRF3205s and 47 ohm gate resistors I believe. I did stress test it at 10 and 15 volts. No problems.

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