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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Stefanoo said:
they seem to be gone.

the folder name was 'temp' = temporary

For compensation :cool:
I found some material saved at

Those were the days:

I must say, as I think I know somewhat what Nelson looks like today,
that regarding 'the surface looks' he has improved quite a bit :D
Or maybe he has finally learnt what scissors and shavers are ....

Here is link to page, where I found above ancient image
and lots and lots of old Nelson Pass amplifiers Stuff:


/Regards lineup
............................ without knowing your own history and where you came from
............................ you will not know as good where you are and will be going
(instant 2007 April quote by lineup)


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jupiterjune said:
What bias current and rail voltage is required to make it an effective pizza warmer?



Think that electrical stoves / ovens use between 500-1500 Watt.
Depending on your settings for actual food.

This is heat power concentrated onto one spot ( stove platter )
or protected from air circulation / cooling by a box with walls ( oven ).

1000 Watt might be able to cook/fry one PIZZA.
But maybe not in free air surroundings, for example on top of your amplifier/heatsink.

Say you have +-50 Volt DC supply = 100 Volt total.
To get 1000 Watt power you would bias 10 Ampere.
100V x 10A = 1000 Watt

/Regards, lineup - getting hungry ;) .... for pizza