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SSR01 and SSR02 super regulator group buy

Just checking the interest for a group buy of my single channel regulators, SSR01 (positive output voltage) and SSR02 (negative output voltage).

The design has the following feature:

  • 4-layer pcb with 70 um (2 oz.) copper.
  • Power traces 140 um!
  • Gold pads.
  • Extremely low noise.
  • Extremely low output impedance in the audioband.
  • Small size.
  • Easy to change voltage, also to negative voltage but this particular design (pcb) requires two different pcb's, one for positive voltages and one for negative.
  • Well-known and well-tested in serious and demanding applications.
  • Option for TO92 or SOT23 transistors for the small signal transistors.
  • Option for DIL08 or SO08 opamp.
  • LM431 (and similar) reference or devices like LM329. The pcb has a universal footprint.
  • Trimming options for both the reference and the feedback. Room for extra resistors and trimpots.
  • One output with sense inputs.
  • Option for using higher voltage than the max supply voltage for the opamp.

I will put up a google doc list for signing up interest. I will also come back with prices and conditions. The price will be good, I can assure you.


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