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SSE Right channel diagnosis and repair.


2013-12-04 12:55 am
SSE Right channel diagnosis and repair questions.

I finally got some parts to repair my SSE's right channel, swift delivery by Digikey Canada! Now, what I want to know is should I also replace C11 if there's an issue with the right channel input (Edited after I checked my post last time on my main thread).

It appears to me from the schematic that I should but would just like a quick confirmation. (the cap use is a Solen .22uF 600V).

It's the only part missing and I would rather work on the amp in one go rather than try a repair and then find out I need to order and try a repair again.

Now, the diagnosis procedure only says that if both output channels work then the input wiring is at fault. Additionally, the diagnosis takes the output of the capacitor to check for faults, so it doesn't seem too erroneous to think the Cap is still OK, correct me if I am wrong.

So now I have parts for the input/drive section of the right channel, but I am still not sure if I do need to replace those caps as well.
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