SS15 speaker swap


2019-10-27 11:40 pm
Hi there,
First post! I'd like to build two little subs, mainly for use on techno but also various other music styles including live music.

18" based designs are a bit cumbersome for me (for exemple, Marc.o's MHB-46 looks awesome, but its enclosure is a bit too big).

I first though about Marc.o's MHB30, but I was a bit worried by the 12" speaker and its response in the low end. I tried to found something like a 15" version of the MHB, but it seems it just doesn't exist - and I'm too new to this kind of stuff to dig into Hornresp and adapt the design, considering the differences between the MHB46 and 30.

I was almost decided to go with Martinsson's THAM 15, because of its compacity and response below 50Hz, but was a bit worried by its lower sensitivity, plus I didn't need the enclosure to be that small ; guessing a slightly bigger volume would could give more efficiency (?).

Last I found Jbell's SS15, wich I find to be a good tradeoff between sensitivity, low-frequency response and size. I slightly modified the design for building it with 15mm plywood.

Does it sounds good to you, or did I said nonsense? :eek:

Second, the SS15 is optimised for an Eminence Kappalite 3015LF speaker, wich is fairly good ; but 450Wrms of continuous power handling (if I understand its datasheet right) looks a bit weak to me.
Would the SS15 benefits from a more powerfull speaker? Anly clue of the model then?

btw, big thanks to all of this community for the time you spend discussing and sharing your works and knowledges :)