SS 15M/4531K00 or Seas M15CH002 for a midrange

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Hello all,

I`m finally tready to move on with my speaker project. The woofers have been chosen and 99% the tweeters. However, it`s still not clear which midrange to pick up. Here is what I have chosen for this 3 way speaker:
Woofers: 2 x Scanspeak 18W/8545 ( 2 on each speaker )
Midrange: the options are:
1. Scanspeak 15M/4531K00
2. Seas M15CH002
3. Scanspeak 12M/4531
Tweeter: Scanspeak D2904/7100

The question here is which midrange would be the best fit between the tweeter and the woofers? I was looking at the SS 15M which I like as it will allow lower cut off for the woofers and will cover most of the most sensible spectre. A friend of mine suggested the 12M as a better option, what I don`t like with it is the high cut off freq. that should be used. So, by chance I found the Seas M15 driver. It looks quite impressive and I immediately got interested in it. The magnet system is much better as it will have low reflections back to the cone, the chassis looks good and this one has a phase plug.

Can you help me to choose the best option, how would these three midranges compare to each other and which one should be the best choice for this tweeter and these woofers? Any suggestions for a better tweeter in this price range?

If you went for the 12M, then you could use this design as is: though you would have to use 2x 18w/8531 G00 instead of your 18W/8545

This should save a lot of effort and many uncertainties as it has already been designed by a trusted guru.

I have also been thinking of an all Scanspeak 3 way for when I move to a larger house. I already have a pair of R2904/70000 tweeters and a pair of 15W/4531 G00 midwoofers.

I had imagined using the 15W as a mid - its performance is similar to 15M. For the bass I was thinking of one or two 26W/8861TOO drivers and perhaps end up with something like the Gershman Acoustics Opera Sauvage, see below.

I am not an expert, but I would suggest that you use the 12M if you choose the 18W units, or the 15M if you choose larger 26W syle of woofers.


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Thanks Dublin, I appreciate your reply. 26W has better bass performance than the 22W but would need a fullrange or a mid-woofer ( my opinion ) for the mids. A friend of mine did some simulations for the 26W and it really looks impressive.

The problem with my configuration is I have listened to some speakers using the Revelators and I didn`t like them at all. I do expect this comes from the box itself, but these sliced paper cone drivers still sound too soft to me, especially the female vocals, guitars and violin. I`ve listened to many live concertos, and these instruments sound much sharper than what comes out of the revelators. Amps were hybrids but I would not say this is because of the input valve.
I looked at some options in the face of the Seas nextel drivers, this is why I asked if anybody has any experience with them. I liked the sound of the magnesium cones but the crossover for these drivers scares me. i`m not sure if i can make them sound with no metal coloration.
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