Squeeze box outputs


2013-04-14 8:35 pm
My apologise if I've posted in the wrong section, it's my first time.
I have a portable squeeze box. I want to use it as a source of internet radio in my hifi system. It only has a headphone out socket. This works but is not ideal and not the best quality I expect.
Is there any way of adding in some RCA sockets which would give a fixed output at the right level?
I would be interested if anyone has done this.
Thank you.


2006-08-15 9:46 pm
Do you mean the Squeezebox "Duet", that has a box that's all black, with no display, called the "Receiver" and a portable unit with a display, called the "Controller"?

The Controller has indeed a headphone output.
I don't think you would improve much by just changing the plugs.
But if it is a Duet that you have, then the "Receiver" has RCA outputs.

The "Controller" is normally used as a remote control for the "Squeezebox server", that runs on a computer. The "server" streams the music to the "Receiver" player, that turns it into sound.
In fact you can also run a software version of the player on that same computer, and control that one with your remote. The output would come from the soundcard of the computer.