Spraque caps ...any good? (old ones)

I had a huge score today. I was at a hospital surplus store and for $5 each I got 4 huge power supply units...for lasers! Anyway, in these units are some nice 50V 43,000uF Sprague blue electrolytic caps. Just wanted to know if they are any good for making power supplies. They are huge and look real cool...just wanted to know if they are decent. Thanks!

-Matthew K. Olson
Spraque Caps

Yes, bring the voltage up slowly.
As a surplus dealer I would sell the caps for
$5.00- $6.00 depending on size.
There should be a date code on the cap
near the bottom, something like 8244
44th week of 1982
I now have some 26,000uf at 75V I'm selling at
$6.95 but there made by Phillips
I always look for high uf's and at least 50V but would
like 75 or higher best
Apex Jr