Sprague Tantalum Capacitors

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Hi Friends
I got a hugh box filled with new [never touched] induvidulally packed Sprague 109D Tantalum capacitors from a friend
(aprox. 1000 pcs.) meeting the military spec. MIL-C-3965
Datasheet Spraque 109D

Sins I have no experience using tantalum capacitors I must ask you fellows, Can you see any good use for them in audio diy ?
I understand tantalium caps has a very high capacitance per volyme, and that there are some drawbacks like a very sudden voltage breakthrough. But are there any benefits comared to other type of caps (ie. E-lyte)

/Pix :D
Thanks Nordic

Thanks for the information Nordic,
I whent trough the box and these are the values i found:
2,7uF / 100VDC (109D4,7UFX0100DC)
10uF / 50VDC (109D10UFX050VDC)
15uF / 30VDC (109D15UFX030DC)
22uF / 100VDC (109D22UFX100VDC)
86uF / 30VDC (109D68UFX030DC)
120uF / 15VDC (109D120UFX015DC)
150uF / 30V (109D150UFX030VDC)
270uF /15VDC (109D270UFX015VDC)

I think there are more caps than I (or my kids) could use in a life time, so I will follow your advise to put some up for sale (or trade)
As usual, the parts you have, you usually have to many of..
So It vould gain all if more people wright down what they had in stock and trade with others
Happy new !!
Man I feel so bad now.... I don;t know why but I read tantalum as Teflon.... rather that is what my brain seems to have translated it to while reading...

Tantalums are frowned on by some people for use in audio... although in some respects they can outperform electrolytics... i.e. 1uf tantalum = 10uf elco...

They are usefull in PSUs etc, as long as yo uknow theat they will go off like incindiary grenades if inverted and sometimes becasue of other errors.. it bursts spreading flameing hot pieces which can set things on fire...
High value high voltage tantalums tend to be very expensive, so you might try selling some. Tantalums pack a lot of capacitance in a small volume, but have the same audio shortcomings as other electroyltics. Keep 'em far from the signal path. What they do have going for them is good high frequency performance, plus a quite predictable dissipation factor, thus they can keep three terminal regulators very stable and quiet. They will not tolerate reverse voltages, and as mentioned above, will short, burn up, and generally cause bad things to happen. They generate noise if slightly reversed biased, so when I see a noisy supply, I first look for warm tantalums- the sign of reversed installation. There are several types of construction, wet slug (contains sulphuric acid I think) and dry slug, so you should look up what you've got.
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