"Split" LCR Pan Pot-Good or bad idea?


2010-06-05 5:28 pm
Hey all-

I've recently experimented with a way to get true LCR panning from a single ordinary pot, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried this before. What I did was I took the two outputs from the pan pot which I re-labeled as 1 and 2, then run them to three assign switches to the masters: LC for panning between Left (1) and Center (2), CR for panning between Center (1) and Right (2), and Stereo for ordinary left-right panning. (I've also provided a fourth switch that sends to Center only, bypassing the pan entirely).

From experiments, it seems to work well with both LC and CR and the only con I could imagine is that I would need to put a sign on the board that reads "Pan at the center position does NOT mean routed to Center only".

Is this a good idea or should I just go back to a stereo master?