SPL Gorilla 1600/4 TIP35C/36C locations?

Hi, Does anyone know of a way to to know what the locations of the TIP35C and TIP36C are on this amplifier?
Quick story of the amplifier: The amplifier was given to me because it stopped working due to overheated TIP35/36 which also burned the IRFZ48N transistors on the power supply. The previous owner tried to repair it but did not finish it and doesn't remember what the placements are for the output transistors. I was also told that the thermal protection failed to react to the overheating.

SPL Gorilla 1600/4 4 channel amplifier
4x IRFZ48N
4x TIP35C
4x TIP36C
1x Mospec U1620A/U1620C each
Is it possible to use the tip 41 and 42 to find the locations? I noticed that the TIP 42 says negative voltage ratings while the TIP 41 gives Positive voltage ratings.

First image power supply transistors go on far left and all outputs on top and right side.


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