SPICE models for MJ15003/4, MJE15030/31

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spice models

Motorola Spice models
*SRC=MJ15003;MJ15003;BJTs NPN;Power;140V 20A
.SUBCKT MJ15003 1 2 3
* Motorola 140 Volt 20 Amp SiNPN Power Transistor 08-02-1993
Q1 1 2 3 QPWR .67
Q2 1 4 3 QPWR .33
RBS 2 4 13.3
.MODEL QPWR NPN (IS=21.5P NF=1 BF=130 VAF=213 IKF=4.5 ISE=3.11N NE=2
+ BR=4 NR=1 VAR=20 IKR=6.75 RE=32.1M RB=.128 RC=12.8M XTB=1.5
+ CJE=1.2N VJE=.6 MJE=.3 CJC=659P VJC=.22 MJC=.2 TF=46.7N TR=1.8U)
*SRC=MJ15004;MJ15004;BJTs PNP;Power;140V 20A
.SUBCKT MJ15004 1 2 3
* Motorola 140 Volt 20 Amp SiPNP Power Transistor 08-02-1993
Q1 1 2 3 QPWR .67
Q2 1 4 3 QPWR .33
RBS 2 4 13.3
.MODEL QPWR PNP (IS=21.5P NF=1 BF=130 VAF=213 IKF=3 ISE=2.54N NE=2
+ BR=4 NR=1 VAR=20 IKR=4.5 RE=32.1M RB=.128 RC=12.8M XTB=1.5
+ CJE=1.47N VJE=.6 MJE=.3 CJC=659P VJC=.22 MJC=.2 TF=19.8N TR=765N)
Groman's SPICE model for MJE15030/31

Kilowatt said:
Does someone have spice models for these transistors? CircuitMaker doesn't.
My "model" is in my head
Is THAT enough
MODEL is a Brain Combination of
the data-SPECIFICATION of this excellent
MOTOROLA semiconductor

I have to LAUGH at "your" models
but as a good laugh
is said to make one's life longer

gromanswe :p


Other models I like to spend time with
Has to be for REAL and be able to LAUGH a lot

Kilowatt said:
Well don't worry, the parts that are on their way UPS from Allied are very real, and so are the PCB's.:D The amp, when completed, will be too, and they should sound very nice (improved ESP p3a, Tangband 4" midwoofers).
How many of those,
do you use?

My designs are for REAL like yours are.
Glad to HEAR what you say!
Did you HEAR ME

the VIKING with the BLONDES of his country

:p :D :p
Two Leach amps (120W each) each driving 2 x Sony Xplod 12" subs (but I'm going to get better subs); two improved p3a based amps (70W each, or as needed), each driving 2 x Tangband 4" W4-656S midwooders; four 20W DoZ amps each driving an Audax TM025F1 1" tweeter in dipole arrangement, or two beefed up DoZ amps each driving 1 or 2 tweeters, I haven't decided for sure yet.

Xovers at 250Hz and 6.2kHz (and yes, those Tangbands can go that high, very nicely).
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Toshiba JFET models ?

Are there any spice models circulating for the popular Toshiba JFETs (2sk170, 2sk389, 2sj74, etc) ?

Or their BJTs for that matter?

Don't underestimate the power of SPICE models -- properly done they can capture subtlties that you can't begin to imagine from a data sheet.

For example, look at the MJ15003 model above. Although it is itslef somewhat crude it tells you something that the data sheet can't -- that the distributed base resistance is significant enough to make it worth modeling the device as a composite of two idealized BJTs, with internal base resistance dividing them. The base spreading resistance isn't even mentioned in the data sheet, and even if it were, it would be very difficult to estimate how it interacts with the various capacitances.

In fact, the silly data sheet
doesn't even mention Ft or any junction capacitances. So you'd be pretty lost trying to design anything that needed speed, without most likely overdoing it.
Fet Spice models

*SRC=2SK389BL;QSK389BL;JFETs N;Gen. Purpose;25V 20mA
+ RS=4.45 IS=6.32F PB=1 FC=.5 CGS=71.2P CGD=18.9P)

*SRC=2SK389;QSK389;JFETs N;Gen. Purpose;50V 10mA
+ RS=6.3 IS=1.58F PB=1 FC=.5 CGS=19.5P CGD=5.5P)

*SRC=2SJ74;J2SJ74;JFETs P;Gen. Purpose;25 V 20MA
.MODEL J2SJ74 PJF (VTO=-1.1 BETA=20M LAMBDA=1.2M RD=4.95
+ RS=4.45 IS=6.32F PB=1 FC=.5 CGS=52.5P CGD=115P)

*SRC=2SK170;J2SK170;JFETs N;Gen. Purpose;40V 20MA 35.3Ohm
.MODEL J2SK170 NJF (VTO=-.7 BETA=21M LAMBDA=19.95M RD=3.85
+ RS=2.35 IS=3.95F PB=1 FC=.5 CGS=85.4P CGD=22.7P)

.model J2sk170 NJF(Beta=59.86m Rs=4.151 Rd=4.151 Betatce=-.5 Lambda=1.923m
+ Vto=-.5024 Vtotc=-2.5m Cgd=20p M=.3805 Pb=.4746 Fc=.5
+ Cgs=25.48p Isr=84.77p Nr=2 Is=8.477p N=1 Xti=3 Alpha=10u Vk=100
+ Kf=111.3E-18 Af=1)

.model J2sk389 NJF(Beta=51.76m Rs=8.008 Rd=8.008 Betatce=-.5 Lambda=11.22m
+ Vto=-.5275 Vtotc=-2.5m Cgd=18.28p M=.3367 Pb=.3905 Fc=.5
+ Cgs=20.07p Isr=112.8p Nr=2 Is=11.28p N=1 Xti=3 Alpha=10u Vk=100
+ Kf=92.85E-18 Af=1)

.model J2sj74 PJF(Beta=92.12m Rs=7.748 Rd=7.748 Betatce=-.5 Lambda=4.464m
+ Vto=-.5428 Vtotc=-2.5m Cgd=85.67p M=.3246 Pb=.3905 Fc=.5
+ Cgs=78.27p Isr=129.8p Nr=2 Is=12.98p N=1 Xti=3 Alpha=10u Vk=100
+ Kf=26.64E-18 Af=1
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Thank you, HH.

I have found spice semiconductor models available on the web from

Philips Semiconductors, on semiconductors, IRF, Zetex, and Vishay

Some manufacturers of tantalum and ceramic capacitors (Kemet, AVX, probably others) have models of sorts for their caps, one look at the results of those and you probably decide to move on ... but potentially instructive nevertheless.

I think Rohm will email spice models to you; I haven't tried that yet.

It isn't evident from Toshiba's site how to get them ...

anyway ...

It might be useful to exchange information about model sources.

So here's a call for some information exchange:

Which other semiconductor manufacturers have models easily available on the web?

What other sources do people use?
More models?

This thread is kindof old but I am wondering if I could get SPICE models (LTSPICE/SWCADIII) for motorola MJE2021 and MJE2011. I need these models for a circuit I want to test out at http://www.4qdtec.com/pwramp.html . I am a fan of symetrical amplifier designs because they seem more prone to amplify each end of the wave equally. Also, if you have any designs of better cicuits that have lower component counts, PLEASE let me know :att'n: .
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