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spendor bc1 woofers needed

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Two months ago I sold my spendors on Ebay to somebody who`s got a repair service for studio equipment.
Shortly before, he bought a single Celestion tweeter.
The money for the Spendors was paid by somebody else.
Maybe Mr. Baldringer tried to repair a pair of Spendors and didn`t make it without a matched pair of Celestions.
If you are going to build something entirely new with the bextren cones, Coles have a very intersting widerange tweeter.

Hi everybody !

Jo was posted for me, I don't speak very good english.
Thanks to him.

I asked the price of the woofers to PPl, who imports Spendor in France : 280 euros 1 woofer, so 560 euros the pair :eek: :mad: ...

But they haven't these HPs anymore, so I asked directly to Spendor.
Answer : "The BC1 was an extremely successful speaker which commenced production
in 1969. The BC1 has been out of production since 1989, and regrettably
we are no longer able to offer replacement parts for it."

For I have now 2 cabinets, 2 tweeters, 2 supertweeters, and no music :clown: ...

I really wouldn't waist your time trying to replace them. A pattern is emerging of dead BC1 woofers, its unlikely that if you find some that they will give much service at this stage. Its unlikely that you will find any fresh ones as replacements without having to get the whole cabinet, and they don't come cheap because of their reputation.
Anyone got any ideas of a suitable modern substitute ??

Its a real shame as stock they are some of the best speakers I heard.


Some use a Vifa to replace it, but without the same result of course...

I was thinking at KEF B200, but it seems not to be the solution. And an other woofer implyes to rebuilt the crossover :xeye: .

So until new idees, only one satisfactory solution...

But if someone has good experience whith over woofer, it interests me.

Hi everyone.
I joined just so I could reply to this thread.
My bass blew in my BC1 approx 6 years ago and I had similar problems sourcing a replacement.The fault was a fracture in the braided wire and the voice coil wire.
So I repaired it myself-and here's how.
I peeled back the rubber joining the cone to the shell.
Then, using a surgical scalpel,cut carefully round the nylon mesh holding the voice coil into the magnet.
After removing the complete cone I found a piece of braided wire off an old scrap cone and soldered in.
I then unwound one revolution of wire from the voice coil and soldered the 2 ends together.
It took me a couple of goes as the wire is thinner than human hair but once stuck I reassembled inside magnet and restuck mesh using Elastoplast Fabric Plaster.
6 years on the rep[air has held up with no noticeable degeneration in sound!.
And I drive them hard. Rock/Punk/Thrash etc.
May sound unorthodox but when a pair of used drivers can sell for £160 on Ebay I would have NO hesitation in stripping them again!.
Why does the £560 seem good value..? or not as the case may be...

Well, the woofers are matched pairs. I wouldn't be suprised if the whole 'board' replacement (matched woofs, tweets, s.tweets) rolled in for less than £800 - again, all matched pairs, and matched to each other...

My father had to do something similar about 10 years ago, due to a stuffed tweeter Spencer Hughes recommended the reboard even though it was 4* the replacement cost of the original part, because of the matching that they perform.

They still sound great...

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.