Spending my Hard Earned Cash


2001-12-27 4:01 am
hey guys, i am after your own personal recommendations on a new kit that i will be building/buying. I am building the 2 main speakers, buying a new amp and dvd/cd player. The budget is as follows, $700-$800AUD on the speakers, and about $1800 on the other 2 bits of kit. 2 channel only at this stage, will run dvd's at 2 channel until i score some more money.

Current Thoughts, Marantz MA 6100 MONOBLOCK amps X 2
Marantz 4200 or 4100 OSE dvd player, they are both great cd's which is vital




2014-11-10 3:26 am
just curious if you bought the Marantz Mono Block? I bought some used ones a few years ago and they still sound amazing. They came from a 5.1 set-up so they really weren't pushed hard, just used to watch movies i guess. But i'm using them for Music and i run them hard. They never let me down. Also wondering from other users if these amps ever need "tune-ups?" like cap replacements? Or is that just for Higher end tube amp Brands like McIntosh?