Specs on Boston Accoustics T830

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I have a pair of T830s that are well over 20 years old now (pushing 30, actually).

My uncle purchased them brand-new when I was still in high-school, and I purchased them from him a few years later.

I was testing a new center-channel enclosure I had just put together when I noticed a sever loss of bass when it hit in a song I was listening to (Fear Factory's "Shock"). And I also noticed audible distortion... At first I thought the center may have been reverse-polarity and cancelled the base, but I can't see the center producing the frequencies necessary to cancel like that... So I disconnected the center, and checked again... Same thing happened, so I pulled the grille covers off and bits of foam fell out. Sure enough, the surrounds on both drivers are falling apart and have gaping holes in them.

So... I pull the drivers from the enclosures and one of them has a warped cone. Must have gotten damp at some point in it's life. The other driver has a cone that looks like it's still in excellent shape, but there is a noise in the voice coil when I moved the cone.

So... it looks like I'm in the market for replacement drivers, so I started looking for the spec-sheet for the 8" woofer and can't seem to find it.

I was hoping that someone here may be able to point me in the right direction...

I would like to match the specs of the new drivers as closely as possible with the old as to not modify the sound of the cabs and prevent having to tweak the XO.

Worse comes to worse, I can just chose a new driver and rework the XO, but I'd like to get these back in operation as soon as possible... I can't clean my place without listening to music!

Thanks in advance,

If just the surrounds are gone, you can get a refoam kit, or, i expect, replacement drivers can be had from Boston Audio (althou not cheaply IME)


As I mentioned in my post... One driver has damage on the cone, the other is making odd noises from the voice coil. My first thought was replacing the surround.

I have done a little research before coming here and it would seem that Boston Acoustics doesn't have replacement drivers for this model anymore, although I am going to give them a call if I can't find the driver specs (to see if they will give them to me), I can ask when I have them on the phone.
I see a decent looking replacement on eBay:
Boston Acoustics T830 8" Copy Woofer New Speaker Our Part MW 5083 | eBay

And a refoam kit:

Usually you measure the cutout to see what will fit with replacement drivers. You are closed box, AFAIK, so nothing very critical there. Just use screws to fit.

Like this: H1288-08 CA22RNX

Most 8" woofers are 8 ohms and 90dB, so it should work as a bass unit well enough.
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