Spec on transformer for Aleph 5?

Hello Tony,

I´m also building an Aleph5 (just finished drilling the pcb´s).
I will use one 600VA 25volt transformer per channel. This will give me the possibility to increase the bias current (if my heatsink arrangement will allow;) ).
The transformers are fully impregnated so I hope the mechanical noise won´t be too high......

Hi william, thanks for the info.

Plitron has a 625va, 25-0-25, 12.5amp transformer that looks good. How much capacitance are you using in the power supply?

I have decided to go ahead with the project and I will be gathering parts over the next couple of weeks.

I think I will use the circuit boards available at http://web.vip.hr/pcb-design.vip and make a custom enclosure.

Tony D.
tony d,

How can you use a 25 v trans when the supply for the a5 is 34v?

I am also looking for a trans for my a5 project and can only find the following 1)500va 35-035 7.14A
2)625va 40-0-40 7.81A
3)2x 300va 35-0-35 4.28A each?

What is recommended by the ones that know ?
By the way can you make two power supplies to power the two sides of the circuit or did I say something stupid ?
The ratings for transformers are almost always listed as an AC rms voltage. Therefore, you must divide by 0.707 or multiply by 1.414 to determine the peak voltage that the transformer delivers to the rectifier for your power supply. Calculate the voltage drop the rectifier has on your AC voltage and that is to what your capacitors will be charged. So,

{(25V*1.414)-1.4}=33.95V .

Pretty close to 34V.