Hi all,
Could anyone tell me what kind of speakers will suit the John Linsley Hood 10 W amp or the Rod Elliott 60 W amp. I mean power handling of the speakers and the output power of the amp, sensitivity of the speaker system etc. If I am not mistaken, Class A amps may not sound good with the same speakers you will use for Class B or AB amps.
Thanks for any help.
Rod Elliot had an article somewhere about speaker / output impedance and it's effect on the percieved sound, with some examples on class A amps like the Zen and such. Perhaps that's what you're looking after.

On the other hand, i haven't got to build the ESP 60w yet , but i guess any decent set of speakers would do good on those... i have a pair of Kenwood speakers my ex-gf was about to toss that are killer (91 db/wm, etc), i bet those will sound great! :D

The ESP 60W should be OK with any speaker you care to choose.

The JLH 10W is more of a problem. It depends very much on the type of music you like to listen to and at what volume level. I have found it suitable for jazz/light clasical type music, at moderate levels, in a smallish room with speakers having a sensitivity of 90dB/W or better.

If you want rock/large orchestral type music at high volumes you are going to need a a very high sensitivity speaker (preferably around 100dB/W), particularly if you have a large listening room. About the only way to get this sort of sensitivity is to go for a horn design.