Speakers to match my EL84 amp rebuild

I am underway with a rebuild of some 1960s EL84 push-pull amplifiers. I will be upgrading all components and transformers. However, I am now searching for a high-efficiency speaker I can build to match. This will be my tube system, as I have another with killer 2-way based upon scan-speak and solid state amps. They are so inefficient the tube amp will never be able to drive the.

I am not in love with Klipsch type horn speakers, but am thinking of a Full-range based system. I been studying Fostex, Audio Nirvana, Omega, and several others.

I don't have room for a huge system, so I have been thinking along the lines of 6-8" bookshelf or slightly larger. The Audio Ninvana Super 8+ ALNICO is what I want, but frankly, they are pretty pricey especially for someone who has never heard them.


-david BTW
Visaton BG20-8 8" fullrange with whizzer cone, rated 92db for efficiency, has a well-behaved frequency response, and claimed (by Parts Express): "For great bass performance, install the BG20 into a 1.06 cubic foot cabinet tuned to 42 Hz with a 2.5" diameter port that is 5.75" long." At ~ $32 each, you don't gamble a lot buying a couple and putting together some quick boxes, and then if you like them, build some nicer enclosures...
There are many drivers that fit your description. I don't like the AN drivers i've heared (including that 8"). No bass and a very ragged peaky response. Tang Band (W8-1772 in a horn) and Fane (12-250TC sealed or ported) would be the drivers i'm looking at for this kind of amp. A Dayton Audio PS220-8 or a Visaton B200 also fit the bill on specs and are popular, but i don't know those drivers personally. And there is more. In general, a speaker that can get +95dB is fit for such an amp...
How big is the room this system in which this system would be playing? Unless it’s a huge open floor plan space or your listening levels are “at 11”, the roughly 17watts an EL84 P/P can deliver would be more than enough for something like a Fostex FF165WK. While I generally prefer a floorstanding enclosure, the can 165 acquit itself quite nicely in even a compact bookshelf size.
Beyond that approx 6” size, I’ve not heard any 8” FR drivers other than the late F200A that didn’t have issues which I found fatiguing.
After studying the issue a bit, including getting the right cabinet size for the best bass it seems that the Seas driver might be the best choice. I can get a cabinet tuned pretty low with the much lower QTS of 0.35 it has. That would point me to something around 2 Cu feet or more. This is much harder to do using the AN drivers as they have much higher QTS. Any comments?
You could do far worse than the F22, and there may be some excellent MLTL enclosure designs from forum members.
My only suggestion at this point would be to invest the extra dollars in high quality Baltic birch plywood - to my mind worth every penny over MDF / particle board etc.
You might want to have a look at the MarkAudio drivers. There are many great enclosure plans, Pensils, Frugal Horn, stand mounts, book shelf, etc. I have three Pensils (Chr-70, Chn-70, 10P), drive them with an Elekit Tu-8200 tube amp about 8W, plenty of power and they sound amazing :D
Thanks for the heads up on the MarkAudio drivers. The 12P in super Pensils looks like a possible candidate for my needs. There are so many resources on the internet it seems like a never ending study just to narrow down the decision.

I have only ever build two speakers in my lifetime, but I have build many EQs, DACs, ADCs. mic preamps, etc for commercial products. And now power amplifiers of all types especially some new Class D post filter feedback designs that are nothing like the original Class D stuff. That is my home ground. For these speakers, I have to rely on others, as it is nearly impossible to audition any of these full range designs here in the Salt Lake City area. My last pair were also a blind buy, a set of NorthCreekMusic Kitty Kats, which I very much like. They are quite inefficient and my tube amps will not drive them adequately.

So this system will be my "old school" one, tubes an full range. It is hard to think of spending a few thousand dollars on speakers I have not heard. I read really good things about the MarkAudio 12P Pensils. Of course with a completely different loading, and no wizzer I suspect they will sound materially different than the F22, but cost about the same.

I listen to well recorded jazz, classical, choral, organ, and a bit of other stuff. Clear, clean reproduction is what I am after. I would appreciate any other recommendations. I am taking them seriously, especially this last set for MarkAudio drivers.

-david BTW
I listen to well recorded jazz, classical, choral, organ, and a bit of other stuff. Clear, clean reproduction is what I am after. I would appreciate any other recommendations. I am taking them seriously, especially this last set for MarkAudio drivers.

-david BTW

Mark Audio does this very well, i listen also a lot of jazz, and on well recorded stuff the sound is very live-like with good spacing of the instruments and very detailed. I use a 10M gen3 in ported boxes for the moment, linked with a scanspeak sub (but that is not needed for jazz) as i also listen to a lot of reggae and dub wich need bass untill 30Hz. But on it's own it can reach easely untill the low 30's in a ported box. If you tune it that low you can't use it full power, but as this driver is +/- 88dB/1w/1M you only need a few watt to be loud enough in an average living room so that is no issue. I use a 32w tube amp with it, but hardly go over 25% open on my preamp in my 8x6x2.5m room.