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Speakers - raw drivers - B&W, Peerless, Dynaudio, others....

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**** UPDATED ****

Clearing shelves in basement of projects that didn't happen. All drivers, parts work normally, sound great unless stated on specific line.

Message me with email for pictures if interested......

(4) B&W DM14 mid-bass / woofers. Rubber surrounds, each ~ 11 ohms DC resistance. Prefer to sell as a set of 4. Bowers & Wilkins. I also have DM14 cabinets for these (no grills, water stains on top). You can have these if you buy all 4 woofers and crossovers (but won't ship the cabinets). Asking $ 115 for set of (4) woofers. **** SOLD ****

(2) Crossovers for B&W DM14 speakers. 2-way with protection circuit. ****** SOLD *****

(1) Dynaudio - Volvo 8" woofer. Rubber surround. Some oxidation and little bit of rust on rear of chassis. 24W75 model I believe. 3" diameter voice coil (= 75 in model #). Asking $ 35

(1) Peerless (Polydax ?) tweeter from Spica Angeles (I think....). I think this tweeter is dead. Not sure if coil can be replaced. p/n D12x9D2 (I believe - fading ink is hard to read). Rectangular front flange. Soft dome. Asking $= make offer.

(1) Polydax (peerless ?) tweeter. Round front flange. DC resistance = 5.6 ohms. P/n HO12x9D25. soft dome. Asking $ 19.

(1) 6.5" woofer. Shielded magnet assy. It came from a lot of replacement drivers for mostly Canadian speaker manufacturers (Mirage, Paradigm, etc....). All I can provide is the #'s on back of driver. 709009 (either p/n or s/n) also: W6.5-13.5 P/S Paper cone, rubber surround, semi-mesh center cone (see-through). It has a plastic mounting ring that cover mounting screws as well. Measures ~ 3.2 ohms DC resistance. Asking $ 25.

Message me for pictures if interested in any item.

I will likely be going through my vacuum tube boxes and posting an ad(s) for some of the extras that I have in the handful of boxes of tubes.

I can ship to USA or Canadian locations. I package items extremely well for shipment. See my Ebay profile of same username. I will accept Paypal, unless you have cash and want to meet me in Baltimore - Wash-DC area.

Thanks !!!
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You should name the prices.

In regard to Dynaudio Volvo item, you could advertise it as 9.4" unit because its Sd=235cm2, regardless of the smaller diameter frame it has. TS parameters are relatively close to Dynaudio MW182 except it has Re=3.0 and higher Fs.

Dynaudio used a different standard of evaluating Sd back in the old days when specs were written for 24W, so it is said to be 220cm2, and by todays rules the effective piston area measures from center to center of the half roll surround.
Lojzek: Thanks for feedback.

The Dynaudio - Volvo woofer I have for sale has 3" voice coil dia. It is same/similar to the MW170 model (older model). It is not similar to the newer MW172.

Theile-Small parameters for this Dynaudio unit are likely different than the 24W75 unit.

I will update post with prices.

thanks again !
No, the woofer you are selling, the one that went on ebay for years and was always described as being 8" class unit, is effectively of the same cone as a 24W. Measure the effective piston area diameter and you should be able to read 173mm. Actual TSP are irrelevant.

I know that because I have bought also a pair of 8" Volvo drivers and they are what I am telling you. I also own 24W75's.


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