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Speakers for sale

2 - JBL 2226H 15" Woofers. One needs a new dust cap. Otherwise in perfect condition. $300.00 for the pair OBO.

2 - Altec 511B horns. One painted hammered gold. The other is Altec black. Niether have the Altec badges on them. $150.00 for the pair OBO.

1 - Klipsch KP-115 subwoofer. This is a portable PA 15" subwoofer with a 100 watt plate amp (CP180) installed on the back. It is flat black. In good shape. $300.00 OBO.

2 - Infinity Overture 1's. In good shape. The grill snaps don't hold the grills on the front. New grills from Infinity are about $50.00. $300.00 OBO.

2 - Pi 7's loaded with Selenium parts. WPU-1505's, 23-25 horns, and DI205T drivers. Cabinets are beautiful. $400.00 for the pair.


All located in NE Ohio. I don't want to ship the Klipsch or the Pi's. Buyer pays shipping otherwise.