Speakers for a Friend - Wacky!

I made some red floorstanders a while back using the Seas coax driver H1333. It was ported and went pretty low and I experimented with a number of crossover options. It sounded good, but always had a bit of a lack of midrange definition and slightly sloppy sound.

I decided to move on having had my fun with them and my friend offered to buy the drivers from me if I put them in a smaller box. Deal!

His room is small so a sealed box seemed a good idea to keep bass under control. I found when they were done that the sealed box bought the definition and speed to the midrange that I had been missing. result :) I also found that having got that sorted out the best sounding Xover was a simple 900uH inductor on the woofer and a 2.2uF cap on the tweeter. Very easy for my non-technical friend to understand and re-wire if something goes wrong! It may be a bit bright so I could add a small series resistor to the tweeter yet but we shall see...

After extensive mucking about this is my suggestion of how to use this driver. If you want more bass just put them in a floorstanding sized, but still closed, cabinet.

I cut up the parts and let my friend glue them together like a kit, and them allowed him to paint them. He did the design for the paint and I helped him with it (he hadn't painted anything before, but soon started to enjoy it!

Here is the result ;) I think they look absolutely superb! Oh, the side says 'Love Sushi' and the other speaker says 'Play Loud'.