Speakers for a 2x12 Fender Cab


2008-03-24 9:16 pm
I recently bought a '65 Fender Tremolux amplifier. It's just the head, there's no cabinet included.

So now I've decided to order a new 2x12" cabinet (I know, Tremolux's came with 2X10" cabs, but I prefer 12" speakers) and choose a pair of speakers myself.

I found this webshop; watfordvalves.com and it's easily the cheapest one in Europe, so I've decided to buy them there.

Now I'm trying to choose but I won't be able to test them before I buy them. I'm looking for 8 ohm speakers and it's a 35 watt amp. I've narrowed my choice down to these 5 speakers:
- Jensen C12K, 100 watts/ceramic £45.96
- Jensen P12Q, 35 watts/alnico £67.23
- Celestion Vintage 30's, 30 watts/ceramic £38.00
- Celestion G12H, 70 watts/ceramic £40.00
- Weber Signature 12S, 25 watts/alnico £48.00

Maybe I could even buy two different ones that compliment each other, the dB values would have to be similar though. Which speakers would you choose?
I think it really depends on the long term uses of the cabinet, if it's only ever going to be used with the 35W head?, I would suggest the Celestion Vintage ones, which supposedly have a similar sound to the original old Celestions (and is also your cheapest solution).

But if you think you might one day want to use it with a larger head?, I would suggest using some higher wattage ones instead.