Speakers done - Thrill of DIY!

Keith TDI

2002-02-23 6:15 pm
The DIY speakers are done!

Each speaker has 2 Eton SE1 8" woofers, a Vifa D75mx dome midrange and a
HiVi RT1ca ribbon tweeter.

I never imagined using the word "muddy" to describe the sound of
Vandersteen 1B speakers! These new speakers sound GREAT!

People on limited budgets that don't build DIY speakers are missing
out on so much music!

These speakers are currently being driven by a Van Alstine pre-amp and
an NAD 2140 power amp. Will these speakers still sound decent if an AV
receiver such as the Onkyo TX-DS494 or Outlaw 1050? Do these
highly regarded budget AV receivers "cut the mustard" given that
I keep the sound level under control?



2001-12-27 4:01 am
well done Keith, its always a thrill to complete your first set of DIY'ers, congratulations!

the only real way of determining whether your speakers will sound decent with a receiver is to take one home and test it out, most audio shops now offer such a service provided you put down a deposit close to the value of the kit.
one hint if you do that, make sure it is only yourself testing it out, sont invite anyone over to listen until you have made your own decision, trust me on that one.