Speakerlab S 50's, Anyone?

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OK, you got me. I just assumed given the Speakerlab name and appeal they had in the 70's and 80's, almost any enthusiast would know the product. Especially with its integration of Nesterovic in this particular speaker's design. I will try and dig up some pics. Not much out there as far as specs though.


I found the following description on another site's post:

These speakers are 5 foot towers, with a 12" woofer, 10" driver, 6 1/2" poly mid, 6" dome tweeter and 4" high frequency ribbon unit. The units weigh 200 lbs each, have 3 decibal settings [2 switches] for the mid range and each tweeter. 2 sets of posts are included, along with a setting switch for Bi-amp or full range use. The rating on the units were for 300W RMS.


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Found another pair for $1,500.

So, again, anyone think this are fair prices for these speakers? I own the 30's but have seen them on EBay usually closing at around $500. The differences between the 30's and 50's is the 12" woofer and the 4" ribbon instead of the dome tweeter. They can also be bi-amp for high and low. I am thinking the $1,000 is maybe more inline. As a side note, there where only 75 pair made.
I am sure that can be done as well. I suppose it is like a car ... owning a new Mustang GT500 just is not the same as an original Shelby. Their is a matter of the history and the technology of the time.

In any event, the Nestorovic crossover system was amazing. I have the 30's and think they are still the best sounding speakers I have heard from Speakerlab. That is including stuff from the more recent lines such as the DAS 8's and DAS 7's (I got a pair of each). The 50's would be one bad *** speaker, even for todays standards. With (4) Heathkit AA-1800's powering them, I dunno ... I just have to hear that for some reason! :)
Hi Joel,

The 12" woofer in the Fifty is in fact the W1258R. The difference is the Fs rating is MUCH lower then the 1208. Also, the magnet is vented, the pole is a bit longer, the voice coil is 4 layer. These where limited production woofers and virtually impossible to find outside of a Fifty speaker. You can, however have the 1208 modified. I can recommend someone, an old Speakerlab employee who can tune them or do a rebuild, or build custom to nearly match the specs of the 1258R.

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