SpeakerCraft BB2125 - burnt resistors

I Have a SpeakerCraft BB2125 amplifier that I inherited as "not working".

There are some burnt looking resistors on the main board and at the speaker outputs. Although the amplifier still seems to work ok, I'd like to check the values of these so I can replace for peace of mind. I've attached a picture of the resistors.

The main board resistors are R10 & R1 - they measure 14ohms and infinity respectively.

The other suspect looking resistors are at the speaker outputs. I can't see a reference on them but the one I can measure without removing the board reads 14ohms.

All the resistors are too chard to read the original values so could do with some help in determining the replacement values. Anyone have a schematic or can advise what I should do? Or can advise what the implications of these resistors being burned is?

It seems like a well made amp and I'd like to get it back into good shape.

Thanks for any help.


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