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Speaker wire

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i need a speaker wire suggestion for my front 3 speakers. it's a total of 13' (5', 5', & 3'). i currently have 4N copper with PVC jacket, hand twisted.
i simply don't like how they look. i'm sure they work just fine, i am simply looking for a good/great product that isn't such an eye sore.
i looked at the specials page and first thought the U-4T would be a good choice, but it seems they won't fit into a banana plug (Furutech 200B). i would think having twisted wire is ideal, so the 301 and U-2T many not be a good choice. of course i have zero data to back that decision. i was thinking the Geortz Mi-1 cable could be a good choice because i, for some reason, have been looking for wire with little insulation. how do you terminate the MI-1 cable? i no know you have to use their specific banana plugs (i also don't like the style they use, i prefer the BFA style).
i'm looking for a suggestion that doesn't break the bank, doesn't look bad, and may possibly give me an "upgrade."
"you funny guy!"
i wouldn't call it "limited budget", i'm cheap! lol. i am kicking around the idea of the Cat 5 speaker cable. i like to do stuff like that, ie my power cables. as of right now i don't know where to find solid cat 5 that isn't a 1000' roll!
i was really hoping that U-4T would work out, but the banana plug i picked out won't fit it. do you have other banana plugs that do fit that are the BFA style?
sweet on the connectors! you probably know me by now, i have to mess with stuff. i think i'm going to try that Cat5 cable. that plays right up my alley. of course i just can't stick to the tried and true method, i'm going to try a braid 4 method as well. it will be a 12awg as opposed to 10awg.
you know, it was very hard to find a vendor that even has the belden 1585a cable. i would have bet the house that all the major vendors had it. i guess it isn't a main stream speaker cable build.
i'll buy those furutech 200B connectors at some point. it will be a separate order.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.