Speaker sensitivity conversion


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
6.5V into an 8 ohm speaker results in 5.3W.

2.83V into an 8 ohm speaker results in 1W.

Since the voltage is somewhat over 2 times higher in the first case, the sensitivity will be a somewhat over 6dB higher.

So I reckon a good approximation of your MS speaker's sensitivity is 89dB/W/m.

Anybody got a better handle on this? :)


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
Sounds good.


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That´s an old style spec which was actually quite useful and straightforward for the end user.

They assumed you would want to play music LOUD at 96dB SPL (1 meter away for reference, you know your actual listener distance) and they told you what size amplifier, in Watts (easy to understand for a user) would you need.

In my book, state of the art sensitivity definition in a very practical way :)