Speaker response mod

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Discribed here is a speaker response mod. The mod has helped the attack and fall speed of my paradigm 15B's. What is involved is spare capacitors, resistors, wire, athletic tape and a few books.

The mod involves affixing conductivly bleeder resistors between the posts of the capacitor. The capacitor is then placed atop the speaker with a book between it. A wire is then taped non-conductivly to the speaker and the negative lead of the speaker wire (negative because it is harder for a speaker to move in rather than out). Edit: The vacuum in the speaker cavity after playing a note imparts a specific frequency ringing noise. This is more rapidly solved via a negative lead damping.

Experiment with taping the wire to the back of the speaker as the port air moving the wire can cause crackling noise.


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Edit: Pardon me please. Please read the edit that I have written above. This explains how this modification helps.
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