speaker project help

I want to build a pair of speaker that has two 8 preeless 8'' 850136, 1 scanspeak 8545k mid and scanspeak 2904/29800 tweeter per tower. I new to speaker building and cannot design my own speaker. All I can do is follow the plan. I have the necessary skills and the tools to construct the cabinet. And the amplifier to run any speaker design. All ideas and suggestion are welcome.
Thanks Minh
I second cals advice. Although I built my own speakers first time round and had reasonable success. WHen I did this I didnt know about this forum nor really about kits! I would have built a kit probably just to guarantee success.

Those drivers you mention would work well together and produce good results. The only problem is to get good results you need measuring equipment and design software, and most importantly the know-how of what you are doing and what you want to achieve technically.
Emprov said:
but very little for Mac. What do you OS X guys use?

But what there is is typically nicer than in PC Land... Mac-the-Scope, MacSpeakerz (getting kinda old & grey & it is relatively expensive, but i still use it), FuzzMeasure (new kid on the block, capabilities expanding quickly (T/S in last night's beta (whoa-ha!!!)), and any of the spread sheet based stuff mostly works (except for features programmed in in PC only scripting).

It won't be long before PC guys are looking at Macs so they can run the Mac-only audio software...

mail me for more detail & help.

if i could go back to the first time i built speakers, i would have done a kit... but i was 15 and limited to the p.e. print catalog...

speaking of software, how is the bassbox and x-over software from parts express? i have winisd, but im looking for some pro grade wares for modeling. i was looking in to it, but couldn't fing much in the way of demoware...