Speaker kits from parts express.


2013-05-08 8:47 pm
I'm looking at buying TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair 300-702 since I lack both the skill and equipment (more so the equipment I live in an apartment)

I'm wondering, has anyone in Canada (specifically ontario) had experience ordering from parts express? The free shipping thing seems just too good to be true.

Also is that via USPS or UPS? I don't really want to get burned on brokerage fees or something silly.

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, I tried my best to search.
How about calling Parts Express and asking the sales person? Granted it might take a more knowledgeable person to be able to comment on shipments to Canada, but you could perhaps reach such a person.

I can't comment on how good Parts Express is on the phone, but you can't lose anything by giving it a try.

For your questions, perhaps an email to PE would be better.

I was born in Canada (Toronto area), but have been residing in the US since I was 5, so I can't personally comment.

I've purchased from PE numerous times, however I have the order shipped to a place in the US and drive down to pick it up. The free shipping only applies to the lower 48 states. Cross border shipping by courier means you'll get hit with substantial brokerage fees from them. If you are in TO it may be worth while to have the order shipped to a place in Niagara, USA. Search the web for details.
Alternatively both Creative Sound Solutions and Solen offer kits and are located in Canada (BC and Montreal, respectively). Flatpacks/drivers available from Planet10 in BC also, and there are other talented Canadian builders such as Kravchenko Audio outside Ottawa. Lastly, check the TO get-together thread in the Clubs/events forum and see if someone local can help you with drivers / cabinets.
Or you could start with foam core speaker cabinets, as described in a few threads here on diyAudio. Not sure where you are at on the DIY spectrum so pardon any poorly aimed advice :)
I ordered a TriTrix TL kit from them and I really liked it.
I moved on to another design but I enjoyed it while I ran it.
It came UPS to me.


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