Speaker enclosure help, dimensions, ASAP


2008-02-01 11:12 pm
I was wondering if you could help me design a new enclosure for 2 loudspeakers.

2x 12-inch woofers (barely have information on them. they're both made out of paper, but one of them has its surround reversed (cone->U shaped surround->mounting frame, as opposed to a "hill" shaped surround) these are the only drivers that I use again for the new enclosure, and I barely have any specs for it.

1x Titanium bullet tweeter (info)

1x Cone midrange (info)

I could use some general help regarding the dimensions of the box I'm planning to create (solid wood, approx. 2.5cm thick), and the arrangements of the drivers on the front.

Crossover: 3-way (again, re-using from old enclosure, therefore I have barely any information on it). Connections: Bass->12 inch woofer, midrange->12-inch woofer + Cone midrange, Treble-> Titanium bullet tweeter.

I know that I have a very small amount of information for you to process, so I'm only asking for general advice. The speakers are planned to be ~>100W RMS.

If anyone would like to help, please tell me the general aspects of a recommended enclosure, dimensions, height/width, primarily depth (thin, thick), driver arrangements (pyramid/scattered).

Thanks in advance!


2008-01-31 3:38 pm
I think you will have to aquire the Thiele-Small parameters for your drivers. Failing that you will probably have to build some sort of test-rig and get some measuring software and a microphone to help in getting these parameters.

Good luck