Speaker design assitance, total NOOB.


I'm trying to figure out how to design some basic ported speaker boxes.

I have a pile of NITB Proficient speakers (c800) that my company was going to toss in the dumpster.

These are coax speakers, witb a tweeter suspended over the woofer and intended to be installed by using your drywall as a baffle, not installed in a box.

That being said, I've already figured out all of the fs and qs for the speakers using a signal generator, and an RMS multimeter, but I'm having a heck of a time finding a software program for MacOS or an online generator that works.

The speakers will be installed between open ceiling joists, and the ceiling are staying unfinished like that for this space.

The boxes I'm trying to create are ported enclosures similar to the Bose 301 slot style, but without the reflecting tweeters.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? I've literally spent about 30 hours flailing around without getting anywhere.

Here is everything that I've figured out so far...

fs=42 Hz
f High 50 Hz
f Low 33 Hz
driver displacement 0.02 cu ft
fc 63 Hz in .98 cu ft test enclosure with no fill
Vas=1.225 cu ft

Test voltage 3.001 VAC @ 100 Hz
Driver's DC resistance=7.0 Ohms
Resistor used for testing 10.10 Ohms
Resistor voltage at resonance 0.335Hz
Impedence at resonance = 80.35 Ohms

For a ported enclosure, assuming a 4" port I'm coming up with a port length of 8.875" long, and an enclosure volume of 2.4 cu ft but with an fb of 34 Hz. I'd really like to get the fb to maybe 50 or 60 hz, but I'm not sure what parameters to change to get that.

I get an EBP of 77.49, so I could do a sealed box that's much smaller, but the fc is much higher at 84.85 Hz. How would I get that down to 50 or 60 Hz on a sealed box?

Oh, and these things can only be 12" wide, no more than about 12" deep, but length isn't an issue. Prefer to have the port on the same face as the driver...