Speaker/crossover dilemma.

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Hello Everyone,

Here's my dilemma.
I have a pair of 300B monoblocks fed by a DAC . I want to build a set of 3-way OB's for the amps. Now i have two choices for crossovers , and i see the advantages of an active x-over (DCX for example),towards which i'm leaning.

So how would i go about it ? or its not possible?:confused::confused::confused:

Please give me your opinions.
Key, if you use an active filter/crossover, you need 4 more channels of amplification.

If you stay with 2 channels of amplification, you'll have to use passive filters.

With 6 - 8 Watts of power per channel, your drivers will have to be fairly sensitive to get good dynamic range and levels from the system..
Thanks Jeff,
I was afraid so. i would need more amps, or a passive XO for the OB, or just high sensitive horns.
I love my tube amps, but in my quest for higher music may have to go solid-state.

Keyboard, 300B's in SET are NICE tubes, rather than go SS, why not look into a set of horns and then use a chip amp to drive some woofers for the low end? if need be.

I good pair of horns and the 300B amps should still get you loud enough to disturb the neighbors? what speakers are they driving now?
Thanks CC,
Originally , I was on the path to building a pair of horns. Then I came across the reviews on OpenBaffles, fell for them , then saw the Beringers DCX, i believe i was reading too much.
After your input, I think I have two ways to choose from. 1.
Horns, 2. openbaffles with passive XO.(one of the Lampizators).
Right now ther'e running an old pair of Technics 3-ways. Nothing special about them.
This site really intrigues me : DIGITAL AMPLIFIER PACKAGES - Digital audio system setup, digital crossover settings, Panasonic XR45 and Behringer DCX2496.

A shortcut way to putting some SS Hi-Fi together. and something to compare with maybe?:warped:
I think you really need to get a pair of high sensitivity speakers hooked up to the 300Bs. I have been building tube amps for a few years now and at the beginning I almost gave up on them because my original "reference" speakers were only about 86dB @ 1W.

Picked up a set of Yamahas that had about 91dB and the sound was more to my liking because the amps worked in a more linear region of the curves @ my listening levels.

I am presently working on a system that will be "tri-amped". Mostly tube but some SS "hybrid" stuff.

A 6SN7 Tube preamp with an OP-Amp based 24dB/Octave Linkwitz crossover on the chassis will split off the subs - mid/highs @ about 65hz. The sub amp is going to be a "hybrid" chip amp. Think of a Williamson Push Pull amp where the output tubes are (3) LM3886 chips paralleled about 300 Watts/channel.

The mid - high XO is all tube 4th order Linkwitz @ about 2200hz with Push Pull tube amps driving the mids and tweets.
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