Speaker connection - simple banana socket


2013-03-07 1:42 pm
Hi. This is most common the commercial amplifiers uses a big speaker socket like this:

I found the NAIM Nait 5i, Naim NAIT XS, Naim UnitiQute uses simple bannana socket like this:

Do you know some other vendors where this simple one are used? What are pros and cons? I am thinking to use something like this for my amp.
It used to be *the* speaker connector in high power Pro amps.
Before the Speakons were invented.

Guitar plugs are horrible and fixed connections to terminals are .... fixed, so next best was dual banana connectors, which accept dusal,banana plugs with good contact surface (low connector resistance), allowed atacking easily and as an unintended bonus, could be phase inverted easily, just by plugging them upside down.

And they *still* can take bare wire in a fixed installation, such as a Disco/Theatre/Stadium.

As you see, these take bare wire on the side, and if needed you can plug another connector in its free end:

Respect the standard separation :


2013-03-07 1:42 pm
Do you mean it is all about Bi-Wiring? If we use a simple banana socket we can't connect multiple connectors with the connector screw. But in NAIM approach, we could stacked the connectors with your suggested double-banana, or something like that: