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I'm sure alot of you here on diyaudio have thought of opening up a speaker business once before... i'm in the same train of thought at this point...

I have about 11 years of experience with audio, i have a technical background but have been contemplating starting a small speaker company...

I wanted to know all of your opinions on this..(constructive please)... and what led you to "yay" or "nay" the idea..

I have alread seen that there are many speaker builders out there, who design, build and test their own speakers, i am knowledged but not close to some of the people on this forum. I understand that there are many...many...companies out there that makes many many different designs. I understand that design is not the only element in a successful business, it is also the marketing, finance and promotion of the product... all ontop of the foundation of quality and consistency.

Anyhow, its been a thought of mine for a very long time, just wanted to know what all the pros here think...

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
there was a thread with the same topic here not too long ago. Lots of different opinions.

The way I see it, its a pretty small market, audio basically being a luxury item, with plenty of competitors. That stands to make things difficult, but if your hearts in it, you'll have fun and probably be successful.
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Tried it, then had to get a real job and return my love for it back into a hobby. You have to find a niche that no one else offers or that you do for cheaper (lower bottom line) or better (need lot's of knowledge and experience). Tough to do and make a decent living.

Not trying to pee on your parade but it's a difficult nut to crack.
You may be able to talk to some of them. Many of the sub makers have their own forum with the guys from the company on there, someone smaller like Mach5 for example. On the other hand looks like some just have them made in China and import/distribute/sales.

Maybe a good place to start isn't here. No offense to the many smart people here but the side least known in these conversations is the business side. And that will help you make your decision easier (or NOT).

There has to be a way for you to find a start-up business plan/model for a recent startup that is making a decent dent into this market place. READ SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PLANS. Ones with every detail covered. Then plagiarize to some extent but also add a visionary element. Like a bell curve with your vision peaking at 3 to 5 years or so. This way you are a step ahead. Not really, the top competitors are already designing their future and this design will either propel them or kill them. So there will never be time to rest on your laurels. There is never time to rest when trying to stay ahead of the curve/crowd and keep your finger on the pulse of the economy and the buying public (probably tough right now and for at least a few years here).

You will find that your technology does matter but not always. Marketing and spin and persistance and finances have sold more snake oil than top designs and equipment. Promoting and marketing with the hope of creating some buzz (positive) is relentless and expensive so also explore your funding/capital options. This is where a patent or two and a flawless business plan will help, but with funding, you might have to sell your soul and ultimately your control of your designs.

So the real question is, Do you have the stomach for it? The design and building part is or should I say used to be the fun part once you get into the rat race of the business.

In the beginning YOU will have to wear every hat in the business so if there are any you are uncomfortable wearing, find someone who will and do it well or don't bother. Starting a business is like a watch. You need every piece to be just right for it to work and work well. Perfection is no accident and so few have the recipe for right now. Sometimes some extra funding for marleting research and consultants can help you stay on that perfect recipe. That and relationships in all the right places. And they need to constantly be nurtured.

So if you do your research and everything sounds do-able (truthfully at your soul level) then go for it. But you better Make some Damned good speakers and give a decent discount to us all here or we will immediately clone them and offer kits to the public!

Hopefully, I painted a more realistic pictue (especially about the clone possibility). Good luck with your decision.

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