Speaker Cable Lengths?

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I have the Sony 555ES 5.1 Digital Surround Receiver (105 watts/channel), driving 4 Bozak Concerto Speakers (one 12" woofer, one 6" midrange and two 3" tweeters in each speaker), a center channel speaker and a Velodyne Powered Subwoofer. The Bozaks are a high efficiency speaker system.

The living-room arrangement is pretty much dictating where the speakers will be located (along with the wife), the rear 2 speakers being furthest at 25 feet away from the receiver. The remaining front speakers, center and sub will be under 12 feet away from the receiver.

What guage of speaker wire should I use for the 25 foot runs (I don't want to oscillate the amp)?

Having a roll of CAT 5 solid core I was planning on making my own cables. Any thoughts as to how many twisted pair for each speaker I should use? Should I not even bother with the CAT 5 and go with something else?

Thanks for any help...
You can use your CAT 5 cable, but you have to use at least 10 or 12 paralleled twisted pairs for each loudspeaker. Its not a very good idea...

If you have the choice, its better to use specially designed cable, which can be buyed for any lenght in any car-radio shop ! I don't know the equivalences in AWG, but cables have to be 3 mm or so in diameter (each conductor of the pair) for correct results.

Regards, P.Lacombe.
One guy's opinion...
Braided cables are asking for trouble. (The CAT is one of the braided ones, yes?) The capacitance and inductance will cause many amps to oscillate, sometimes destructively (just ask Bryan [aka Super]). They also have tonal effects, or as I put it in another thread...there's a technical term for braided cables: tone controls.
What to use for a 25' run?
(Man, it's been a while since anyone mentioned Bozak anywhere within my hearing range.)
Depends on how high you want your fidelity to be. Serious cables (the retail sort, that is) have gone beserk, price-wise. You can buy a nice car for what they want for some of those things. Cripes, I remember when Fulton was the thing to have and zip cord for those who didn't have Fulton. Of course, there was the guy who used welder's cable, 4-ought if I recall, but that's another story entirely...Mike, where are ya now, buddy?
For better or worse, it's kinda difficult, or at least tedious, to lay cables like some of these guys do. I've got some older MIT cables in my system. And Levinson HC-10, remember that one? Can't/won't afford the newer stuff. You could, in principle, make a cable like the MIT, but it'd take a considerable amount of fiddle-factor.
I know it's heresy, but have you considered a heavy gauge mass market like Monster Cable? For 25' runs, perhaps 12ga. or better--10ga. maybe...8ga. better still.
It's your money. You decide.

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