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speaker amp match

I built the el70's and gave them away at christmas. Now I am building the SSE amp from Tubelab. I was thinking a founken for me this time and one that matches the SSE. I listen to all types of music and the speakers will be in the living room though I have been known to lean on the volumn.


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Are you NUTS !!! :eek:

Ugggghhhh. I nearly did that and I thought better of it.


IINM those were for a family gift - hopefully to be as much appreciated by the recipient as any of us might.

The SSE design can cover quite a power range, so drivers of similar sensitivity to the EL70 could still be quite satisfying, and since you've already demonstrated the ability to fabricate a very comely enclosure, I'd vote for something along the lines of Alpair7.3. Whether stand-mount or floor-stander is up to you - I've heard both, and each have their merits.

The A7.3 won't deliver the same bass performance of the EL70 in comparable enclosures, but possess a degree of midrange resolution, "detail" and "air" that the EL70 can't quite match - neither will they (A7.3) sugar-coat the shortcomings of program material, source components or amps.