SPDIF --> I2S what part do I need?


2009-12-15 12:15 am
@ Circlotron: You indeed need a miniDSP + miniDIGI (as suggested by Dave already). Please have a read at the product concept. It explains miniDSP in more basic terms.

I'll ask the follow-up question. How many miniDIGI boards are required for a 2-channel setup?

If you want a Stereo 2 way crossover (i.e. L high, L low, R high, R low) then a single miniDSP kit + miniDIGI + 1 plug-in is all you need.

The app note pointed by John is more for those wishing to build a 3/4 way system with 2 x miniDSP (i.e. 6 to 8 processed channels) but only 1 x miniDSP. A bit more complex to setup as you can see.

For more info, we'd recommend you maybe have a look at the application section of the website that shows configurations for 2 way or 4 way.

MiniDSP - Stereo 2 way Crossover
MiniDSP - Stereo 3/4 way Crossover

Hope this clarifies