Sparkler Audio CD Player - S515T / S515U

Sparkler Audio CD Player - S515t / S515u

Smart size-easy wiring from the rear panel, wherever you place it.

Since it is a top-loading method, it does not require a complicated mechanism and can be
played by simply opening the top lid and placing the CD. Since the power supply unit can be
placed separately, the main unit drive unit can be placed anywhere.

Two types of digital output- supports S / PDIF and I 2 S.

In addition to digital coaxial output (75Ω, S / PDIF format) by RCA pin jack or BNC, I 2 S (I Square S) output
is also available so that it can be used as a high-end CD transport. This allows you to connect directly to a DAC
that supports either interface. In order to avoid the interference between devices by a ground loop, the ground
side is also completely isolated (separated) by adopting a pulse transformer for a coaxial output.

Supports external input-can be used as both a CD player and a DAC.

Input from USB (PC, etc.) or TOSLINK (TV, etc.) is also possible by simply connecting the dedicated external adapter (common with S512)
to the input XLR connector. You can switch between CD playback and external input at any time with the remote control.

Dedicated remote control

All operations can be performed with the dedicated remote control.
The elongated shape and well-balanced weight make it easy to hold,
and you can hold it with one hand and operate the buttons with just your thumb.
It operates on two AAA batteries and saves power, so it can be used for a long time.

Common to CD transport section (S515t / S515u)
• CD drive: Top loading method
• Compatible discs: CD-DA discs and CD-R / CD-RW in CD-DA format, CD layer of SA-CD discs (HD-CD format, HD format of SA-CD are not supported)
• Digital coaxial output: Industry standard S / PDIF format, RCA pin jack or BNC (coaxial) x 1 system, 75Ω, 0.5Vpp
• I 2 S output: Audio IC interface (BCLK / LRCK / DATA / GND), XLR connector (male)
• User operation: With the attached remote control
• Playback function: Stop, play, pause, song forward (previous / backward), fast forward / rewind high-speed playback (10x speed), repeat (track / disc), time display (track / disc, elapsed / remaining time)
• Other operations: Switching to external input, turning off the LCD backlight
• Power supply voltage: AC100V (50 / 60Hz, IEC standard 3-pole AC inlet) -For overseas specifications, refer to the English page.
• Main unit CD drive: External dimensions W264 x H60 x D164 mm (excluding protrusions) -B5 notebook size, weight 1.8 kg
• Power supply: External dimensions W100 x H41 x D160 mm (excluding protrusions) -Postcard size, weight 1.1 kg (excluding power cable)
• Chassis material: Stainless steel hairline finish
• Accessories: Power supply unit, power cable, dedicated disc clamper, dedicated remote controller, manual

D / A processor (S515u)
• Built-in DAC: Philips 16-bit non-oversampling TDA1543
• Output circuit method: All discrete configurations using bipolar transistors, JFETs, etc., phase correction, overtone generation
• Line output (voltage output): Non-equilibrium RCA pin jack 2.0Vrms (0dB, 10kΩ load)
• Line output (current output): Supports non-equilibrium RCA pin jack 5.5mAp-p, receiving impedance 0Ω
• I 2 S input: Audio IC interface (BCLK / LRCK / DATA / GND), XLR connector (female)
Suggested retail price
model S515t-Model without DAC (for CD transport only)
The combination of output terminals can be changed as an option. Please feel free to contact us.
S515t US$1,785.00

model S515u-Model with D / A processor (CD player) -Equipped with digital input / output
S515u $1,985.00

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Here is the review link:

I had intended to post a brief appreciation of the S515u, and I am pleased to see the extensive review by Marc Phillips, who is much more erudite than I could possibly be. I have had mine for approximately 7 weeks now, as the source for my headphone rig. The S515u provides an audio playback that is both effortless and clear, detailed without being harsh. Audiomania had me try the few headphones that I have variously with the two headphone amplifiers available; the S515u made it possible for me to discover the best combinations. I learn something new every day.
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