"Spare Parts" Bluetooth boombox complete!

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This was a quick project to attempt to make some use of a pair of decent woofers and tweeters that i had leftover from other defunct projects.

The woofers are Aura NS6-255A, the tweeters are Morel MDT-12. The amp is a de-cased Lepai LP-2020a+, the bluetooth adapter is an off the shelf Logitech model, I desoldered the original button and replaced it with the silver one you see on the front below the amp. There is also a plain ole 3.5mm aux input on the top. I took the power supplies for the Bluetooth module and the amp out of their plastic cases and attached them to a removable board that lives in the center cavity. The crossover components are also on this board. All connections are soldered and heat-shrunk.

The wood choice is where I made some very regrettable mistakes in the project. I was trying to keep the cost very low, so I happened to find some slightly discolored 1x12 pine on clearance at a local lumber store for .50$ a foot, so I bought enough for the entire project... 6$. Ive worked with this wood before, and have had problems, so i really should have known better, but i did it anyway. Its just too soft, never straight enough, cracks easily, and is generally low quality. MDF for the center section and some nice hardwood for the front and back panels would have been 10x better, but probably 10X the price also. My corners didn't end up as square as i would have liked, i had a couple cracked spots, even with pre-drilling, and it doesn't sand very well. The box specs are about .5 CF tuned to 50Hz

Overall i'm fairly pleased. I'm still trying to figure out how it sounds... It has surprisingly good bass, plenty of detail, and decent volume. I think it sounds just a tad midrangey, and a little on the "sharp" side, but those tweeters always have been too harsh for my liking, that's why they were demoted to a spare parts box to begin with. I think for a utilitarian garage/workout room stereo it will be just fine!

Anyway. Ill keep it short... Attached pictures are concept rendering, guts, finished product, and crossover design. Questions welcome!





This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.