SP/DIF output soundcard with external clock sync

Hi All,
I need recommendations for a soundcard that:
1. Has SP/DIF output, minimum spec of 24/96
2. Has a word clock (or bit clock) input option for external sync.

So far I have found two that seem suitable:
-E-MU 1212M (with add-on sync board)
-Marian MarcX (with add-on sync board)

Are there any more? Both are a bit over us$200, which is fine for my budget.

The ESI '[email protected]' looked OK, but on closer investigation it only sync's to an incoming SP/DIF signal.

For me, it appears the best option for digital audio is to combine the power and flexibility of PC based digital audio (with appropriate drivers, software etc.) with the high end qualities of a DIY DAC, and to eliminate one source of weakness (jitter derived from the recovered SP/DIF signal), designing in a high quality clock source (Kwak clock, LCaudio etc.) that allows the DAC to be the clock master.

I have a DAC which I built years ago, it needs replacing and I can easily work in a clock out signal to sync to the sound card in the new DAC.

Thanks, Adrian
The eMagic USB emi2|6 and emi6|2m had SPIDF in/out with the option to take clock on the SPIDF in (not sure if it would only sync to the SPIDF or if there was also a special clock sync mode; I used it to bond two to four of them together by syncing to the clock of the first one; I was not using the SPIDF input as an input). They're discontinued now, but you can probably find a used one for ~ $50 if you look. They're relatively nice little devices.

Not sure if that helps.
Giaime said:
Even my cheap M-Audio 2496 does that, it has internal crystal and SPDIF in as sources for the master clock.

Yeah, I found a few that do that and I'm considering it. It should be straight forward to incorporate a SP/DIF out into a DAC as the clock reference. ie Get an ADC chip, clock if off the master XO, tie the analog inputs to ground and connect the SP/DIF out to an external connector.